The Limón Company takes a KoganSteps workshop before leaving for their African tour, where they worked with children with disabilities.

KoganSteps is a highly structured approach emphasizing repetition, predictability and function. Treatment is targeted, informed and taught on the child's terms.


A Therapeutic Understanding
in an Artistic Package

   KoganSteps is a workshop to help service professionals and educators, integrate movement practices into their current treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other neurological dysfunction. Most of us take our movement skills for granted but this is not a luxury that these children have. While many of them are not in wheelchairs and can walk well enough, their movement deficits are still serious and interfere with every area of their lives. Based on empirical observation, researchers are now calling for a body-oriented approach (Hildebrandt et al., 2016). KoganSteps, created by a dancer and occupational therapist, is such an approach.


   Driven by “what works” and supported by research and science about mirror neurons, imitation and rhythmic cueing, Ms. Kogan presents a new way to think. Participants examine the three elements of all physical activity, Space, Time, and Energy, while exploring the underlying skills that are necessary for functional movement. Through a simple assessment tool, The Movement Evaluation Continuum, they learn to: 1) identify a motor control deficit in an individual child or group of children, 2) create a fun and interesting movement activity that addresses that deficit and 3) integrate it into a lesson or treatment plan in such a way that, over time, positive change occurs. Just as important, they learn that they do not need to change how they themselves move. Rather they integrate new knowledge into the natural movement skills they already have.


   This is an interactive presentation that uses music, props, and visual cues. Participants are directly involved in doing activities while they are learning. Several different disciplines are intertwined in such a way that the strategies are easy to understand and beneficial to all disciplines. Participant Response Evaluations describe Ms. Kogan as “engaging”, “knowledgeable”, “caring” and “passionate” and attendees state that they “can't wait to share and utilize new knowledge." Ultimately participants leave the session with a greater understanding of how they can use movement to help children live richer, more functional lives. 

   The mission of KoganSteps: A Movement Intervention is to inspire all children, especially those with autism, or other neurological challenges, to unleash their special strengths and individual potential through a highly effective, enriching movement therapy that celebrates each child's unique gifts. By understanding the scientific significance of movement as an intervention and integrating informed movement practices, targeted to the child's needs, KoganSteps opens the door to an exciting, innovative approach, which empowers each therapist to bring lasting change to the children they serve. Therapists use the movement skills they already have. No experience is necessary.