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Technical Sheet

KoganSteps: A Movement Intervention Seminar is an interactive, multi-media presentation that requires the pre-placement of props and display posters and an audio/visual pre-check in addition to the setting up theatre-style movable chairs for 25-40 participates.


The setup takes approximately 45 minutes but a window of 1 hour is best (to work out any technical issues that may arise). The ideal time for the setup is directly before the workshop.


In most cases, we also need an earlier tech meeting to view the space, review available AV equipment and meet the facility contact. If the facility is outside of the NY metropolitan area, in lieu of a tech meeting, a 360-degree video of the space showing TV/projector screen location and the room's entry exit points may suffice.

Audio/Visual Equipment*:


            - Flat screen TV 32” or larger with HDMI input.

            - Or: Projector and sound system with VGA and stereo mini-jack.

            - Small table for laptop near AV Equipment.


            * We have several converter cables, please let us know your equipment inputs.


Conference/Studio Room:


            - Seating: 25-40 chairs set up theatre style facing TV/Projection screen. Participants

              will be asked to move them for the movement portion of the presentation and back

              for the video portion.

            - Room Dimensions: 20' X 30' or thereabouts. Entry doors ideally should be at the

              rear of the space to minimize latecomer interruptions.

            - Flooring: Wood, carpet (commercial) or carpet tiles/padded linoleum.




            - Two Hours.

            - Three Hours – includes 10-minute break.

            - Full Day – two 3-hour sessions with 1-hour lunch /10-minute break each session.

            - Two Half Days – 3-hour session with 10-minute break each day.




            - Generally, two persons – Ellen Kogan and an assistant/tech. An additional assistant may be

               added if the participant group exceeds 40.

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