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A new treatment for children with disabilities

By a dance artist and occupational therapist

The simplicity of movement

The complexity of science

Ellen's photo scan #007 4-18-20 photo 32

Ellen Kogan Photo: © Jack Mitchell

What do you get when an accomplished dance artist is also an occupational therapist?



A Therapeutic Understanding in an Artistic Package

Kogan w Girl 300ppi photo 308b CROP Dein

It works.

It's fun.

It gets results!

Using Dance to Realize the Promise of Science

Grounded in research on the biology of the brain and the body-mind connection, Kogan has created a unique program to integrate movement into

clinical practice, lesson plans and everyday interactions.  

Workshops are for all service professionals, educators, artists and parents.

The goal is to provide lasting change. 

Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 10.37.55 PM.png

Ellen's opening speech from the

New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE)

KoganSteps workshop.

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