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  • Help children move more, experience more and learn more.

  • Explore how you can learn the language of movement in a fun, interactive workshop.


  • Learn the three elements of movement - Space, Time, and Energy - and how they can become a therapeutic intervention for motor control, attention, and social skills.


  • Evaluate diminished movement skills and motor control deficits and learn how to create targeted activities to address dysfunction.


  • Explore research and powerful influences in the field of movement including information about imitation and mirror neurons, rhythmic cueing, attention, body image, sensory processing, body awareness and spatial orientation.


  • Explore the significance of functional movement for children with disabilities and how to develop their unique movement expression.


  • Integrate new concepts and methods into your own movement style to help children you work with move more effectively while they foster social cohesiveness, sense of self and their own specialness.

  • Use movement to collaborate with other disciplines, synergize your efforts and become a powerhouse for student support and change.

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KoganSteps is for all disciplines. We are all involved in helping these children learn to move. No experience is necessary.


Working together we become a powerhouse for change for children with movement disabilities. 


A new way of thinking that works!

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Laura Bennett, school psychologist, helps her student through Kogan's "Tire Dance", designed to improve sensory processing, body awareness and spatial orientation.

"As he improves his motor control, he gains self confidence", she says. 

"Self confidence is a huge piece in the school setting.

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