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KoganSteps Testimonials
and Reviews

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From left to right in order of appearance:

Laura Bennett - School Psychologist, Jenai Fitzpatrick - School Psychologist 

Katie Kemnitzer - School Psychologist, Barbara Bradbury - Occupational Therapist

Priscilla Feir - Educational Director, Ellen Kogan - Dancer/Occupational Therapist


What people say about KoganSteps

A Movement Intervention

“A seasoned professional, recognized in the dance world and as an occupational therapist.”


“I am struck anew at the power that movement, song and touch can bring to healing.  I cannot say enough wonderous things about Ellen Kogan and her work. You must experience it yourself.”

                 Carla Maxwell, former Artistic Director of the Limón Dance Company


“I found Ms. Kogan thrilling to watch as she combined her two worlds to benefit many underserved students. ….an endless desire to use one’s skills and opportunities to help those who are unable to help themselves due to physical, emotional, or cognitive influences.  Ms. Kogan exemplifies and gives witness to the commitment, dedication and creativity of a true professional…I wholeheartedly endorse her search to continue to practice her art and science to make significant differences in the daily lives of students using a mix of her traditional and movement treatments.”

                Priscilla L. Feir, Ph. D., Accreditation Officer Middle State Association


“Ms. Kogan is brilliantly bridging the gap between theory and practice while showcasing students at their best... using her skills and expertise to deliver the important themes of Space, Time and Weight/Energy wrapped in creative dances.”

                Priscilla L. Feir Ph. D., Former Education Director the Hallen School


“Before our eye we see children that normally will not look at anyone or touch or be touched by another person, suddenly laughing, helping each other, dancing in a circle or conga line and ready to participate as a community.”

                Carla Maxwell, former Artistic Director of the Limón Dance Company


"Ellen approaches her workshops with intellectual precision and passion. Rather than giving off-handed answers to students’ questions, Ellen looks beneath the questions to their source and answers on a level that has the power to change not only how one moves, but also how one actually thinks about and perceives movement overall. Hers are not textbook answers but rather answers that come from her own ongoing quest to understand the complicated universe which is the human body….and further, to understand that body’s relationship to space, time and to art itself.”

                John Mead, Ph.D., NYU


“This was wonderful, I love the hands-on approach to the session and what Ellen does is inspirational.”

A great program!

Super presentation.

Master at this population.

A highly creative program for use with the school. I wish my school had this program.

Excellent balance experiences, seeing video and explanation.”

2013 Intersections: Arts and Special Education Conference at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Young Child Expo and Conference, 2013


“Enjoyed all of it. Thanks. Very Helpful

The workshop’s strategies and techniques will be helpful for my students.

Very engaging and relevant. Wonderful. Can’t wait to share and utilize this new knowledge.

I loved the experience of movement. The program is amazing.

Fun and well-planned! Excellent! I absolutely would recommend this workshop.

This was happy hour for me.

Outstanding presenter! Engaging, knowledgeable, caring, and passionate.

Great Workshop. Thank you

Amazing presenter. Loved the hands-on learning. Able to coordinate knowledge with all levels of practice.

Highly informative. Loved the physical involvement of teacher and workshop. Theory and practice paired very nicely.

Ellen is excellent. I was excited the whole time.

Ellen is awesome. Thank you.

This was an excellent workshop! Very interactive and fun. I learned so much. Amazing presenter!

Ellen was amazing!

All practical “hands on” activities for groups and individuals. Thank you.

Loved hands on approach. We didn’t stay seated looking at slides. Thank you.

I liked creating our won scenarios and seeing others. It was great participation so we could see it first-hand.

Ellen was very energetic and knowledgeable. I enjoyed learning so many fun movement activities to incorporate into my treatment sessions. I would highly recommend this course.

Please invite this presenter for future workshops. I really would like for other colleagues to be able to learn the types of techniques I learned today.”

                New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc. New York City.


"Ellen dearest - what an absolutely beautiful document of the masterful, loving and sensitive work you have been doing! Really so touching and at its core, so very very joyous. Exemplifying the immense power of movement to open doors in all children, this is movement therapy taught from a dancer's point of view. It's wonderful how you reinforce trust, create a calm, safe atmosphere, instill cooperative learning expectations, impart basic movement concepts and vocabulary, elicit eye contact and physical contact with others, build mutual appreciation, and introduce the pleasure of aesthetics - love those original group tableaux! Your use of props like the plastic plates to facilitate certain movement patterns works so well. And the kids look so happy to be participating.



Joan Finkelstein, Dance and Dance Education Consultant

Executive Director, The Harkness Foundation for Dance


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