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“When I met Ellen, it was a dream come true.  She’s the whole package,

OT and Dance, all in one.”

Ana Nery Fragoso, Director of Dance for the New York City Department of Education

As a therapist:

Ellen Kogan,  M.A. OTR/L

Sensory Steps Poster PSE w KS Capitals.j

“What’s important is that we understand disabilities through each other’s eyes and that  we work together in a targeted way to help children who need us so much.”

KoganSteps Formats include:

-  Two-Hour Workshops.

-  Three-Hour Workshops – includes 10-minute break.

-  Full Day Workshops – two 3 hours sessions with 1-hour

lunch/10-minute break each session.

-  Two Half-Day Workshops – 3-hour session with 10-minute break

each day.

-  Lectures – on request.

As a dance artist:

Ellen Kogan,  Solo Dance Artist

Ellen arm crossed a little less head roo

“Solo artistry is a unique opportunity to reach one’s personal threshold. 

My repertoire is unusually versatile – I hope the contemporary

choreographers will not be forgotten and of course the historical

reconstructions are made by some of the most important dance makers 

of our time.”  

Teaching and re-staging as follows:

   -  Re-staging contemporary and/or early modern dances for 

performance - includes original costumes and lighting. 

 -  Informal presentation in a studio with an invited audience followed 

by discussion.

 -  Teaching dance history classes – can include various teaching 

 materials to help the dancers experience the choreography of 

 another time.

-  Lecture demonstrations using rare video footage.  

-  Scholarly discourse, lectures, and participation in projects that   

explore and contrast dance, past and present and the culture it 

was created in. 

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